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Matosca Group is the parent company of a business conglomerate that offers services primarily focused on the construction of photovoltaic plants, along with the design and manufacture of parts for all kinds of industry.

Matosca Group is active in various stages of the industrial process - from design, manufacture and installation to maintenance and repairs.

Our mission is to guarantee this wide range of services by means of specialisation in each and every one of the processes, along with our employees, facilities and equipment - creating added value in a sustainable way while assuring a high level of industrial respect for the environment.

Matosca is a leading services group that is undergoing continual international expansion, where excellence in meeting deadlines, quality, communication, honesty and teamwork are among our most important values.

Our services and products are highlighted by:
- The installation of large-scale photovoltaic plants, along with their operation and maintenance.
- The design, machining and manufacture of parts for the industrial sector.
- The maintenance of all types of facilities

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